When someone gets into an accident, there are many different things to consider. What’s in my insurance policy? Am I obligated to obtain three estimates? How can I get quality repairs and quickly get my vehicle safely back on the road? If the accident is not my fault, should I use my own insurance policy or try to collect from the other driver? If I have problems with my insurance company, can the Lousiana Insurance Commissioner’s office help me? Can the insurance company and body shop make an adjustment and start making the repairs without my consent?  What happens if my insurance company tries to steer me away from the shop I’ve chosen to work with?

In these two sections, Frequently Asked Questions and Know Your Rights, all of us at River Red Collision Center are happy to provide you with the information you will need as you navigate through the entire repair process.

Please review these pages carefully in order to avoid the multiple obstacles you may encounter, because knowledge is empowering. If you ever have any further questions, never hesitate to contact us at Red River Collision Center, because we are always here to serve!

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Don't let an accident come between you and your vehicle.

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