Larry Samuel Avatar
Larry Samuel
4/14/2022 - Google

Everyone was awesome. I'm still getting service and Hope is amazing. Very helpful and detailed.

Lacee Hernandez Avatar
Lacee Hernandez
4/10/2022 - Google

Absolutely the best service I’ve ever received easy rental car process through Geico and in the office Hope is the very best at what she does they cleaned detailed and fix my car in one week easy online process never had to even speak to somebody until the day I drop my car off wonderful place great prices even through insurance would recommend anybody

Cathy Klinesteker Avatar
Cathy Klinesteker
4/07/2022 - Google

I ran my Tesla into a cement barrier around a light pole at a dark, deserted mall parking lot during a tropical storm. Visibility was awful due to the torrential rain but I chose to leave anyway after 2 cars from a nearby sketchy neighborhood I’d just driven through, drove behind my car, slowing to a snail’s pace, looking at me and the car. I decided it was safer to leave than stay.

Due to 2 officers from the local police force, other Tesla drivers who came later and offered to help, an incredibly competent, courteous tow truck driver and hotel owners who helped in every way they could, my car and I made it safely to Red River Collision the next morning.

Jimmy and Hope took great care of me and my car from the moment I arrived until I drove the car home. They worked closely with my insurance and Tesla to figure out all the details of billing and parts procurement when the supply chain was a mess due to Covid and a series of storms. The kept me informed every step of the way. My car came back to me clean and running like when it was new. It was a complicated process and I’m grateful for their competence, professionalism and, especially, customer care. When I picked the car up, I had to return to the same charging station where the accident had occurred. Jimmy sent an employee with me in a big pick-up truck who stayed until I left, making sure I was safe.

Denise White Avatar
Denise White
3/29/2022 - Google

Today I took my vehicle in for repair on my bumper. Hope was the lady that talked with. She and I went out to look at my bumper and she called Mason over to take a look at it to get his opinion. He looked at it and said, this will only take a short while and they found no damage and that it just needed to be popped back in place basically. He then told me he wasn't charging for the work. I was surprised. This is a company That I would take my vehicle to every time I need something done. I feel that they are a honest company.

Jacob Simpson Avatar
Jacob Simpson
3/22/2022 - Google

Jimmy and Chase were excellent to work with. They kept me in the loop of all work and timelines making everything stress free.

Patsy Alexander Avatar
Patsy Alexander
3/08/2022 - Google

Thank you Mike Sullivan for making the repair on our car so stress free. I appreciate your keeping me informed on the status of the repairs with your texts. And most of all, going the extra mile in being sure that the work provided was perfect.

Edie Brown Avatar
Edie Brown
1/30/2022 - Google

Excellent work, and completed in good time considering the supply chain issues affecting everyone. I'd rather wait for the quality than have a rush job done on my truck! They were so caring and understanding, professional, and communicated with me throughout the process, advocating on my behalf with the insurance company to ensure OEM and high quality parts were used! Truck is like new!!

mohammed alghanim Avatar
mohammed alghanim
12/10/2021 - Google

It was a great experience and great job with the car it looks perfect

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